I'm Madeleine Lewis, and Hairpin Turns is my solo recording project. I've played guitar and bass in some half dozen bands in the Pacific Northwest US, and somewhere in all of that I got hooked on recording. I love the possibilities it offers for manipulating sounds in ways that aren't necessarily possible in a band context. 

Other projects, recent and remote, include:

Deceleration Lab. We have an EP coming out on March 5th, 2015.

The lamentably short-lived Her Last Arrow.  I was in the band four months when we recorded this EP in Matt Clark's living room in West Seattle.

The Madeleines        From Left: Madeline McCambridge, Terri Moeller, Madeleine Lewis, Cat Duke


The Madeleines 

We wrote and performed originals. There were two of us named Madeleine. It was the 1980's in a small college town near the Canadian border. This was by far the most fun group I've been part of. We were a bit unruly, so the live shows were entertaining and unpredictable. I played bass. 






           Madeleine Lewis, Debra Brown, Madeline McCambridge, Drew Nelson


The Woodpeckers 

An off-shoot of The Madeleines. 

I'd switched to guitar by this point.

We were all about the songwriting,

the melodic hook, and vocal harmonies.

 A sort of girl group amidst 

the sea of grunge

in early 90's Seattle.